Don't you just love when amazing people pop up to work with you? Especially when your job is all about helping passionate entrepreneurs voice their very unique story to the world. Talk about the wonders of The Law of Attraction! 
Marta is a gentle family coach in horse assisted education at Pasikonie, supporting women seeking balance and families with free-range kids. She's leading with grace and I felt really honoured to be designing her identity!

We established our mostly cool naturals & scandi minimalistic moodboard with a hint of wild right away. Designing is easy-peasy when you're aesthetically on the same page with the client!



Starting the week in the best of ways & sharing one of my favourite recent projects - branding for a talented photographer whose main area of focus - yes! - are natural-light-exclusive intimate portraits. Working with PATRYCJA was one of these surreal experiences when you just know you're dealing with a dream client who gets your ideas in a snap and a perfect design happens in no time. 

We both opted for a moodboard in muted tones - as such is PATRYCJA'S colour palette of choice and these are the spot accents she intends to use in her packaging. Nonetheless, we agreed from the start that the branding itself will be a pure minimalist black & white composition of graphic lines and simple typography. I started off with a drawing of camera's aperture, reducing and reducing the details until we arrived at the perfect project.