Who doesn't love moodboards? Creating them is my favourite part of the design process - well, one of many of my favourites design activities at least. I'm obsessively collecting visual inspiration for clients or side projects on PINTEREST. There's no better way to convey a vision of a design project in statu nascendi than through a moodboard: a collage consisting of photographs, patterns, textures, typography or samples of objects. 
That's  an extremely effective presentation tool for all kinds of designers, be it graphic/interior/industrial or other creative artists seeking a medium to illustrate the vibe they wish to pursue, powerfully accompanying verbal communication.






Exploring a brand project, I always start with a brief questionnaire for the client. Then, together we create a working board to gather all possible visual inspiration. Sometimes all pins fall at once perfectly into place, while other times it takes a lot of sorting through to make sense of the initial chaos. Once we settle on the dominant theme, the fun part begins: selecting & arranging the most striking pieces on a blank canvas. Follow your visual intuition, obey basic composition rules and let it FLOW!

You may as well create a personal moodboard for your birthday party, wedding, seaside vacation or summer wardrobe!

Speaking of which, who used to create outfit collages on POLYVORE back in the days? Maybe it's time to grab a bunch of glossy magazines, a pair of scissors, glue sticks or better yet washi tape and re-create real sketchbook pinning again?